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Whiteout – Weather situation by which visibility is severely compromised due to blowing snow, making it onerous to search out the horizon or reference factors. Turning radius – The radius of an imaginary circle created by a ski carving an arc. Tuck – Aerodynamic position assumed by skiing racers that involves bending knees and holding hands in front of face to reduce wind drag. Tree skiing – Skiing in a glade or forest, hopefully across the timber and not into the trunks or branches.

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Shred the gnar – To ski or snowboard with exceptional velocity, ability, or enthusiasm, especially in challenging terrain and situations. Shaped skis – Also referred to as parabolic skis, this style has a slight hourglass form with the tips wider than the waist to advertise easier turning and carving. Scraper – 1) An unskilled snowboarder who’s scraping away powder by edging straight down the autumn line, generally whereas sitting (see butt-dragger).

Many say it’s too soon for them to speak about what their experiences will seem like as a result of there’s so much yet to be decided. A few have written letters to people in their databases offering a number of clues. Ski space managers in Colorado and throughout the nation could lose lots of sleep in the coming months as they attempt to navigate a ski season like no different. Zipper line – In mogul skiing, the quickest route by way of the bumps, heading straight down the fall line, and requiring piston-like motion in the legs.

Skins – Adhesive strips which might be connected to the underside of skis with telemark or alpine touring bindings to allow walking uphill without sliding backwards. Skinning – The strategy of strolling uphill on skis using special adhesive skins fastened to the base of the skis that maintain traction. Skijoring – Winter sport by which athletes are pulled by horses, canines, or automobiles. From the Norwegian word skikjøring, for ski driving. Skier’s thumb – Common damage to a skier’s hand if they fall while nonetheless holding a pole.

Snowpack – The layers of snow that accumulate for extended intervals, especially in mountains and upland areas. The snowpack is studied for avalanche risk and a significant element of the world’s water supply. Snowbank – A pile, mound, berm, or pillow of snow that’s deposited by the wind or created by individuals.

  • Flaws in method are usually revealed fairly shortly when the monitor gets steep or icy.
  • Most common or computerized crampons will fit most AT boots and most will modify to fit a wide range of sizes, however there are exceptions – all the time convey your boots along when trying them to make certain.
  • An ice axe can also add safety in sketchy circumstances; skiers have a tendency to make use of quick axes as they don’t usually deliver them out until it’s fairly steep they usually spend a lot of time strapped to your pack.
  • In addition, many ski mountaineers use ski poles with a small ice axe choose on the grip – popular examples are the Whippet by Black Diamond and the Condor by Grivel.


Ski boards – Very quick skis with non-releasable bindings. Easier to turn that longer skis and sometimes used for methods. Sierra cement – Description of wet, heavy snowfall in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, often held in contrast to the blower and Champagne powder found in the Rocky Mountains. Sidecut – A measure of the gradual hourglass form of parabolic skis and formed skis.

Such injury to the thumb ligament accounts for 8-10% of all ski injuries but could be avoided by correctly holding the poles. Skidding – In contrast to carving by participating the perimeters, skidding entails dropping pace and changing course by steering the skis to the aspect. Ski bunny – A female skier, sometimes one who is extra concerned along with her trend than her turns. Ski brake – Device on a binding used to forestall a ski from touring downhill when the boot isn’t engaged.

2) A gadget used to remove extra wax and snow from a snowboard or ski. Schussing – Skiing downhill in a straight line without making turns.

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Snow bike – Any gadget resembling a bike by which a rider descends mountain while sitting and steers with their hands. Sometimes used to describe fatbikes with outsized, underinflated tires which might be actually pedaled over snow, sand, and other soft terrain.