Tips for lightening your backpack for a mountain trip


Going for a backpacking trip is nice; it is a good way to get away from the stress that accompanies daily life and enjoy nature. However, it is tough to feel great if your backpack is so heavy. The first thing you need to enjoy your trip on the mountain is an ultralight backpack.

If you are going on a mountain trip, you are likely to need sporting goods for hiking, running and extreme sports, then you should consider patronizing Trekkinn. This should be after you have read what other people in Finland have to say about the company on Suomiarvostelut before you patronize them. Here are tips for lightening your backpack:

Take only the necessary food items

In as much as you want to pack enough food so that you don’t go hungry, it is advisable to pack only necessary food items. For instance, if your trip to the mountain is only four days, taking an entire tube of toothpaste is unnecessary. You can easily put some in a smaller container to save space and weight in your bag. The same applies to edibles too; resealable bags are of lighter weight than most food packs.

Limit your wardrobe choices

Your backpacking trip to the mountains is not the time to carry as many clothes as you can. You don’t have to worry about body odor as well, as you cant avoid it. If your trip is very short, all you need is a dry set of clothes that you can wear to keep you warm, except if you are going on a longer trip or you foresee the rain falling.

Don’t pack books

Your love for books should not go with you into the mountains. Books make your backpack so heavy that your back begins to hurt. Instead, snap the pages you want to read on your phone and you can read them whenever you like. Besides, with your phone, you can access a whole library on your device. To make your phone’s battery last longer, you can switch your phone off until you need it or put it on airplane mode. You can take a power bank along as well. This is much better than carrying books.

Plan your water carrying

You will be needing water throughout your days on the mountain, but this doesn’t mean that you should carry many packs of water. If streams are around your destination, you can just carry a purifier instead of carrying packs of water that will make your backpack heavy. Do some research to know if there are springs or streams where you are going.  Ensure you are well hydrated before you set out on the trip too.

Use trail runners

Your backpack isn’t the only load that can slow you down. Wearing a heavy pair of boots can slow you down as well. Instead of boots, you can wear trail runners instead. Ensure they are rugged and have lots of support and traction for your insole before you set out. You can use them on a few hikes to decide if they are suitable for your backpacking trip or not.

Eat your food in the pot

If you plan to cook on your journey, you don’t need to pack along dishes and cups. Just eat out of the pot; you can take them along when you are on a road trip. This will helps you save weight and requires less effort to clean.