These Five Moves Can Avoid Injuries When Golfing


These Five Moves Can Avoid Injuries When Golfing. It is not news anymore when an athlete has an injury, it seems that almost all professional sports athletes have suffered from both minor and severe injuries. The sport of golf is no exception, quite a lot of amateur and professional golfers experience injuries to the elbows or backs while swinging, and of course, this will have an impact on the quality of the game that decreases. Golf sports force us to use almost all the muscles of our body, from the legs to the hands and back muscles. Before you decide to start practicing and consult a golf coach about doing the right swing, it’s good to pay attention to your fitness first, and if you feel pain or injury immediately stop for a while and consult a doctor.

These Five Moves Can Avoid Injuries When Golfing. Here are some basic training tips that will help relax golfers’ hips, stabilize shoulders, and help you build strength on your golf swing.

Seated Rotation

This will train your body to make rotations or turns, especially the rounds when doing the golf swing. To do this you can sit on a bench, then grasp the golf club or stick that is around you, raise your palms forward and rotate your body without moving your hips. Do it in two directions alternately.

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This exercise is great for reducing the risk of injury to the shoulder and elbow, by doing this you can train strength in the shoulders and elbows. To do this movement you can start by bending your body forward and placing your palms on the ground, like on all fours. Slowly put your hands into a push-up position and make sure to keep your knees straight. Once you begin to feel the stretch, return your hands back and repeat for 10 reps.

90/90 Stretch

This exercise can make your shoulders more open, and help you to maintain flexibility and mobility of your body. Lie on one side with your upper leg bent and your lower leg straight. Rotate your body parts to the right and left alternately, hold for two seconds, and repeat for 10 reps.

Lateral Pillar Bridge

This exercise can make your hips more flexible to move, the main benefit of this exercise is to prevent the back pain that can occur when you swing with an incorrect body position. Lie on one side of your body in a straight line and elbows under your shoulders, legs stacked, push your hips off the ground and hold for three seconds, and do 10 reps on each side.

Dumbbell Bench Press – One Arm

This movement not only builds strength but also the stability of your shoulders as a golfer. By doing this, your shoulder muscles will become stronger and will be able to make the swing tighter. Try lying on a bench to perform this movement, holding a dumbbell in your right hand and your left hand holding the bench above your head. Slowly raise and lower the weights of the dumbbells until they are parallel to your elbows. Complete 10 reps on one side then move on to the other side.