Treating Sports Injuries


Don’t try to observe the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. Doing so with sure accidents, like a moderate to severe ankle sprain, can make the harm worse and delay your restoration. Doctors say you should avoid placing weight on the injured area for twenty-four to forty eight hours.


It can help reduce swelling and prevent additional ache and bruising in the early days after a sports activities injury. While the depth varies, ache, bruising, swelling, and irritation are widespread to all three classes of sprains. Treatment for sprains begins with the RICE protocol and physical therapy. Moderate sprains typically require a interval of bracing (for example, a CAM strolling boot could be worn to assist support and immobilize a sprained ankle). The most extreme sprains might require surgical procedure to restore torn ligaments.

Traumatic injury is a time period which refers to physical accidents of sudden onset and severity which … Read More