What Skills Transfer From Snowboarding To Surfing


Both sports activities have certain dangers involved, skateboard and snowboard to your capability and don’t do anything you’re not prepared for. It’s in all probability simpler to learn to skateboard when you already know tips on how to snowboard. Your feet are nearer together and you can really leap off. When it comes to the more technical stuff you most likely have a tougher time studying. An ollie on a skateboard is sort of completely different as doing an ollie on a snowboard.

Boardslides must be easier although, you already understand how a board reacts when you slide, still you need to be able to ollie a bit. When it comes to slowing down, you can’t just use your foot. You’ll have to discover ways to powerslide by urgent the edge into the snow and slightly leaning backward.


Also, your toes are wider aside which can really feel a bit … Read More