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(If bare call choices don’t scare you, skip to the following section.) Gaining that intuition is only a matter of labor, however. My cohort of thinkers realized a lesson via ache and reflection, a lesson that appears to be slipping from our collective grasp.

An index measures the performance of a basket of securities meant to replicate a sure area of the market, such as the Standard & Poor’s 500. The following morning a basket order is used to concurrently promote all of the securities, utilizing a market-promote-on-shut order. The process repeats at every close and each open, assuming the DJIA stays in an uptrend. The dealer units up a basket order to purchase the 30 Dow shares with market-purchase-on-shut order.

If unhealthy things occur if I obtain less than 70%, then I’m going to damn sure discount the 70% “of what” until I’m certain … Read More