Large Basket


Monday you choose what to do, do it all week, and report on the noticed outcomes on Friday. The typical roadmap is a listing of options to be implemented. Approving a roadmap is exercising an possibility on a basket of features. What does all this should do with, like, precise actual work?

Tip swung his basket off his shoulder, and went into the shop. The basket contained a fowl and some eggs which she had just purchased at an excellent price. Two puppies have been carried in a basket, one of which the Princess accepted as a present.

We must change what is communicated as part of the “launch”. We no longer say, “Hey, this brand new thing, it’s really great.” Instead marketing is a celebration of accomplishments, an acceleration of successes already deployed. Roadmaps couple the chance of elementsContrast this with Extreme Programming-style weekly cycles.

Rustic Hanging Basket

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