Ski Jumping


In 1902 the Norwegian consul in Kobe imported ski tools and introduced snowboarding to the Japanese, motivated by the demise of Japanese troopers during snow storm. The earliest Scandinavian examples of skiing date to 3000 or 4000 BCE with primitive carvings. An image of a skier holding a single pole or an ax with each arms, is found in Norway. A rock carving at Norway, from about a thousand or 500 BCE depicts a skier seemingly about to shoot with bow and arrow, with skis positioned in an angle (somewhat than parallel) to supply good help. Rock drawings in Norway dated at 4000 BC depict a man on skis holding a stick.


Asymmetrical skis were used at least in northern Finland and Sweden up until the Nineteen Thirties. On one leg the skier wore a protracted straight non-arching ski for sliding, and on the opposite a shorter ski for kicking. … Read More