Heavenly Ski Resort


Posse – A group of people who have come collectively for a common objective, such as a bunch of associates going snowboarding or snowboarding together. Polish doughnut – A freestyle trick in which a skier sits down on the snow whereas touring, spins round in full circle, and continues snowboarding. Park – Short for terrain park, an out of doors recreation area where skiers and snowboarders can carry out tips on jibs and options.

Snowboard leashes are also widespread since boards lack the brakes that are commonplace on most ski bindings. Powder – The holy grail of snowboarding and snowboarding, powder is the catch-all word to explain snow that is still fresh and yet to be tracked out by skis and snowboards.

The Peaks Resort & Spa

Sideslip – Skidding down a mountain with skis or snowboard perpendicular to the autumn line. Both an exercise and useful method in some … Read More