7 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Are Eating Too Much Protein


Milk and higher-fluid dairy meals, like smoothies, yoghurt and custard, present the body with an excellent source of water and electrolytes. In truth, the sodium focus of milk is similar to that of sports drinks, with several research displaying that it is equally effective (or even better) than sports drink or water for rehydration. Milk and flavoured milks supply additional nutrients which will assist the physique retain fluid and milk is also better for dental health, as it’s much less acidic.

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When Should You Eat?

Research shows a balanced nutrition plan should embrace sufficient calories and wholesome macronutrients to optimize athletic performance. Eating the right meals before a workout can maximize efficiency and speed up recovery.

Moderate to elite athletes performing intense coaching five to 6 occasions weekly will require considerably extra nutrients to support energy calls for. Training packages require a nicely-designed diet for lively adults and aggressive athletes.… Read More