Blossom & Basket Boutique


The inside bottoms are screwed by which allows for the addition of wood cleats on the underside. This retains the basket up off the bottom and adds to the lifetime of the basket. The last step is to signal and date each basket on the day of its completion.


If you could have a rear rack in your bike, clamp-on baskets just like the Sunlite Woody can come in useful for hauling objects that don’t safe easily on their very own, like textbooks or a lunchbox. And at eleven.8 inches entrance to back, 15.7 inches side to facet, and seven inches deep, it’s big enough to hold both. To attach it, pull aside the two handles on both side of the wood base, middle it over the top of your rack, and let the spring-loaded clamping mechanism secure it. That mechanism holds on racks from four.3- to 5.5-inches wide, and … Read More