Skiing Without Lessons


Free heel snowboarding – Skiing methods corresponding to telemark, Nordic, touring, and cross-country, by which bindings permit the heel to carry up. Face shot – When powder sprays a skier or snowboarder’s face.

Powder day clause – Element of 1’s work arrangement, both formal, implied, or secret, by which the get together is entitled to blow off their job and go skiing when there’s recent powder. Pizza – Also known as the wedge or snowplow, a way in which the skis are put in a V-form with the tips close collectively to be able to sluggish or stop. One-ski quiver – Nickname for an all-mountain extensive ski (aka mid-fat) that’s designed to perform in quite a lot of snow situations and is versatile enough that a skier need not own different pairs. No associates on powder days – Alpine expression that describes the crucial of a ski bum or snowboarder to ditch his or her posse and go get first tracks on a powder day. No fall zone – Section of a run the place falling may carry grave penalties, such as the steep entry to a chute where the skier or snowboarder could maintain tumbling.

Bunny slope – Also referred to as a bunny hill, this is an easy, inexperienced circle trail at a ski resort, typically positioned at the base, where newbies and youngsters be taught to ski and snowboard. Bro – Short for brother, an affectionate time period for a fellow male skier or snowboarder. Bomb – 1) To ski or snowboard quickly down the slopes. 2) To set off high explosives as part of avalanche control. Biff – A close to-fall by which the skier or snowboarder briefly makes contact with the snow however recovers.

Joey – An inexperienced skier or snowboarder whose lack of capacity of style sense is noticeable. 2) Skiing or snowboarding off a non-snow object, both pure or manmade, corresponding to sliding down a rail or bouncing off a feature in a terrain park. Indy seize – Snowboarding trick during which rider uses their again hand to seize the middle of the board, between their toes, whereas turning backside.

Hockey stop – A quick method to cease whereas skiing that includes bringing both skis on edge, perpendicular to the course of travel, much like how hockey players suddenly stop on the ice. Herringbone – Pattern created by a skier climbing up a hill by arraying their skis in a V-form. Heli-skiing – Using helicopters to entry terrain for off-piste skiing and snowboarding. Hardgoods – Snow sports trade term for snowboarding and snowboarding gear, as opposed to the softgoods class that covers clothes and apparel. Grooming – The process of maintaining trails at resorts by spreading out snow and smoothing bumps, usually using snowcats and other heavy tools.

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  • Meanwhile, advances in know-how in the Nordic camp allowed for the development of special skis for skating and ski leaping.
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Giant slalom – Abbreviated GS, this style of alpine racing is similar to the slalom however the gates are farther apart and the skiers travel faster. See also Super-G, during which gates are even farther apart. Garlands – Basic skiing and snowboarding maneuver by which partial or half-turns depart behind a pattern similar to a Christmas garland. French fries – Image used to assist youngsters visualize two skis pointed parallel, versus the “pizza” stance that puts the skis in a snowplow or wedge.


Cold smoke – The plume of low, mild-density snow that trails behind a skier or snowboarder. Christie – As opposed to carving the flip, the skier skids with their skis parallel. Chocolate chips – Rocks that poke out of the snow and threaten to journey up a skier or snowboarder. Not to be confused with death cookies, which frozen debris created by grooming machines and snowmaking. Champagne Powder ®is now a registered trademark of Steamboat Ski Resort.