Equipment Needed When Ice Skating


Equipment Needed When Ice Skating. Unlike ice skating, which Mother has known since college when I tried it several times at Tunjungan Plaza, Mom just got to know about trying to skate on the skis when we went to Bodenthal, in Austria. We had a one-session course. Then I want to learn more. Ski equipment can be started from the outfit or clothes first. If you want to ski, the clothes have to match. Because we will be in the middle of a giant refrigerator for a long time. Normally the temperature can reach up to minus 8 degrees Celsius. Or maybe cooler. Minus eight is the minimum temperature for family skiing travelers. Less than that never before. To be cold-resistant, clothes must match. For underwear, there are long sleeves and special John trousers.

Equipment Needed When Ice Skating. Here it is referred to as thermal underwear. It’s warmer than cuffing a cuff. The cufflinks that Mother brought from Indonesia even felt cold against the skin when worn in winter. On top of thermal underwear, our superiors can immediately put on a sweater. Usually made of fleece. Pants can be dressed in cloth pants, or put on ski pants right away. Ski jacket tops. As well as Thinsulate gloves, ski socks, helmet, and goggles. The use of a helmet is highly recommended. Especially children. When gliding on skis, the speed can be very high.

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Ski Equipment

Equipment Needed When Ice Skating. Now we get acquainted with the ski tool. The ski equipment that Mother means is alpine skiing or alpine skiing. Apart from alpine skiing, there are other types of skiing. Such as Nordic sky, Freestyle, and cross country skiing. The boots and skis were also different.


In rental, these skis come in a set with ski bindings. If you buy new, you can buy boards and bindings separately. The length of the skis varies. The size we use is adjusted to our height. Usually about the height of the skis when standing at the level of our nose. Binding can be adjusted based on our height and weight. There are special graphics for setting up bindings. When borrowing, at a professional and complete lending facility, we are asked about height and weight as well. You don’t need to be paper asking about what, hehe. The goal is to get the right skiboard. With the right binding settings too. If we fall, the skis will fall off by themselves. So the risk of more serious accidents can be reduced. Skis that are difficult to come off when we fall, are said to exacerbate the injury. If in a small ski area, borrow it more relaxed. Most are told to find yourself which board is suitable and the shoes are also not many choices.

Ski boots

Ski boots are heavy and hard to walk on. Especially at the beginning. So we walk like robots in ski boots. It is specially designed to blend with bindings. The outer bang is hard, the inside is quite soft. The top of the ski shoe grips up to the lower calf. At first, the legs are usually a bit sore and achy. The size of your ski boots should fit your feet perfectly. When I try, immediately wear thick socks, winter socks. Too narrow certainly make you sick. To lose it will also be uncomfortable to use skiing.

Ski stick

Usually, this one is optional. When I first learned, it was not recommended to use a stick. We don’t even concentrate on learning body balance on a ski board because of it. At rental establishments, ski poles are usually rented out as a package with skis and ski boots.