Choose The Boxing Style To Match Your Body Type


My brother is like you proper handed but left footed. “Power comes with approach, knowing when to apply it, and tips on how to apply it well. Everyone can know tips on how to punch, however a true boxer knows tips on how to use his punches successfully,” defined Ridhwan, who is currently training for his third professional bout, and first one on home ground in Singapore. His current skilled document stands at 2-zero (1 KO).

Try standing in southpaw once more and this time when you move around… be sure to have more weight on the again leg (your left) and see if that made a difference in smoothness. which method do you stand on a skate board, a surf board, a snow board or a push scooter? I am left handed but it’s far more comfortable and balanced for me to stand orthodox because I am right footed. If I was left footed I would stand southpaw and my straight left can be actually highly effective.

I too am a right-hander with a stronger left leg and stronger left arm and in addition left-eye dominant. After consulting quite a few coaches who’ve watched my type, they all came to the same conclusion –stay orthodox as a result of my right hand is extra coordinated. This is boxing, so I would suggest following standard boxing knowledge earlier than you revert back to a stance trained through years of fencing. I do agree that MMA fighters can be a lot lighter on their toes.


Hi, I’m a proper-handed particular person, so techniquely I should feel higher with my left arm/leg in front. BUT, I feel higher jabbing with my proper arm, because I used to do fencing, and in fencing it’s at all times my right arm/leg in front. Because of my previous fencing coaching, I can transfer VERY fast when my proper arm/legs are in front, but not so quick when my lefts are in front. Should I practice with my proper arm/leg in entrance or left? i write/shoot a rifle a kick footy proper handed/footed.

Boxing Rankings

  • Whereas in a southpaw-vs-orthodox match, both are disrupting each other’s preventing rhythms.
  • And orthodox fighters usually have a greater rhythm for protection as a result of standing in orthodox-vs-orthodox offers you a really balanced stance the place each can punch and roll on the same time with the same rhythm.
  • On the other hand, orthodox fighters are extra accustomed to coming into vary because they have to beat that angled position.

The reason why some MMA fighters let the stronger aspect is in order that they can throw the weak leg kick (from the rear) which then whips the robust leg into place to whip a harder kick. In other circumstances, it’s so that they’ll shoot for a stronger takedown. Each fighter has his own agenda whether or not it’s punching, kicking, takedown, or protection. If something, southpaws create strain on orthodox fighters just because orthodox guys are often antsy around southpaws. 1) Your footwork might appear to be better in orthodox as a result of you may be improperly placing an excessive amount of weight on entrance leg (which means orthodox movement would really feel better).

however when i switch it seems to work alot extra effectively. Your stance feels bizarre since you are use to standing with the right foot forward.

Now that you simply switched stances, it feels higher because the previously defective motion is now handed by your extra coordinated aspect. At some level, you can see what is most pure for you. I am presently seeing a chiropractor for it and have been cleared for boxing so long as I take the mandatory precautions. However, after combating orthodox and taking pictures my left jab for a whole exercise, I find that I have to continually ice my left shoulder and ingest anti-inflammatorys.

Overall I feel that I can hit tougher in my orthodox stance due to that proper cross, however once I am in southpaw stance, I really feel that I can use extra tricks that I learned from watching Pacquiao movies. Also my opponents probably aren’t used to facing southpaws. I’m guessing your left facet is basically weak and not active if you stood orthodox. Which is why you ended up placing a lot weight on that side.

Professional Boxers With Strong Hand In Front

Fara, I actually have to see a video of you earlier than I can guess what’s incorrect. Most boxers I know with back pain comes from bending over a lot after they attempt to duck beneath punches. Anyway, I would try figuring out if the ache comes from standing orthodox or from punching orthodox.