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The most well-known boxer in our time who uses such a guard is Floyd Maywheather Jr. The Philly shell guard is nice for protecting the chin however utilizing it, the part of the skull behind the ear can remain uncovered.

It presents extra protection to the face and makes it easier to jab the opponent’s face. Peek-a-Boo boxing was developed by legendary coach Cus D’Amato. Peek‐a‐Boo boxing utilizes relaxed palms with the forearms in entrance of the face and the fist at nostril‐eye level.

There are countless guides on the market and you’ll by no means know for certain until you prepare extensively beneath each stances. Of course I try to save everybody time by sharing the frequent advice however ultimately you have to see what works best for you. Philly shell guard – Using this guard, you’ll be able to block almost every type of punches.

So I’ve by no means actually been a southpaw, so for the past years I’ve used my right facet, an my best punch is the left hookercut, an finest kick is the left hook kick. And off matter however, I shoot a gun, pull a bow, play pool, throw/kick, write, play guitar with my left, but battle righty. It’s really does feel natural preventing orthodox, and it’s not even my natural stance.

I’m not a student of Bruce Lee so I don’t know the complete reason behind his reasons. The general perception in boxing is that the robust hand belongs within the back. I wrote a number of articles explaining the explanation why. Having a powerful hand within the entrance doesn’t make the jab more lethal as a result of the jab’s primary attribute is not energy. And right-handed southpaws are more known for beating very new newbies and never seasoned fighters.


The benifits are excessive, a powerful entrance, cease takedowns higher, shoot better, however the only problem main together with your dominate facet is it getting battered in your led aspect. I love this article however I’ve by no means really been a southpaw, an I’m left handed haha.

  • The again hand is placed on the aspect of the face (proper aspect for orthodox fighters and left aspect for southpaws).
  • The lead shoulder is introduced in tight against the facet of the face (left aspect for orthodox fighters and right facet for southpaws).
  • Philly Shell or Shoulder Roll — that is truly a variation of the cross-arm defense.

Hey there, so my dad was an Olympic Tae Kwon do fighter, an boxed within the millitary. He’s left (handed/footed/eye) an when he did TKD he transformed to a orthodox stance, an in the army, he transformed orthodox as a result of such as you’ve mentioned, no person knew how to teach, practice or fight southpaws correctly. An he’s been preventing transformed for now over 40 years. His best power punch was the “left hookercut” an best kick was the left high kick. From his years of experience training an combating converted, he raised me out of the crib has a orthodox.

Cross-armed — the forearms are placed on prime of one another horizontally in front of the face with the glove of one arm being on the top of the elbow of the other arm. This style is greatly diversified when the again hand (right for an orthodox fighter and left for a southpaw) rises vertically. This type is the simplest for decreasing head injury. The only head punch that a fighter is prone to is a jab to the highest of the pinnacle. The physique is open, however most fighters who use this style bend and lean to protect the physique, however whereas upright and unaltered the physique is there to be hit.

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Other unique options contains side to facet head actions, bobbing, weaving and blind siding your opponent. Also it allows swift neck movements as properly fast duckings and unhealthy returning damage, often by rising uppercuts or even rising hooks. Since it is a protection designed for close range combating, it’s mainly used by in-fighters. Bobo Olson was the first known champion to make use of this as a defense. Famous fighters who use the Peek-a-Boo fashion embody Floyd Patterson, Mike Tyson, Bobo Olson and José Torres.

If you are an orthodox fighter (utilizing the orthodox stance), your proper hand and your left shoulder will defend your chin from either side. The only means on your opponent to land a punch in your chin is to wait so that you can make a mistake or to counterpunch you.