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Rocker – Style of ski or snowboard by which the information are raised greater than the middle, akin to the rails on a rocking chair. Reverse camber – Also known as rocker or negative camber, a style of ski and snowboard that has its back and front suggestions raised, very similar to the rails on rocking chair. Racing skis – Designed for speed, these skis are usually stiff and are designed for racing at the professional degree. Powder basket – An further-massive basket attached to the bottom of ski poles that stops them from sinking too deeply into the snow.

Includes sidecountry, slackcountry, and backcountry. Integrated binding – Bindings designed for particular ski brand and packaged along with the skis.

Pistenbully – Brand of snow grooming machines that’s popular at many ski areas. Piste – A downhill ski path, sometimes with the snow compacted. Parabolic skis – Ski with wider ideas and a narrower waist to facilitate turning. Out-of-bounds – Areas past the patrolled boundaries of a ski resort.

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Free refills – A powder day during which it retains on snowing, offering bottomless fun and preventing the pistes from getting tracked out. Falling leaf – Novice snowboarding transfer during which a rider descends by skidding backwards and forwards on the identical edge, akin to a falling leaf zigzagging to the ground. Edge – 1) The sharp, slim metal strip alongside the side of a ski or snowboard. 2) To tip one’s ski or snowboard and interact the sharp edge in order to chew into snow and achieve traction.

  • Some people find it helpful to suppose by way of pulling their toes up while skinning on steeper slopes.
  • This method appears counterintuitive to many people – their natural intuition tells them to lean ahead over the information – but leaning back works.
  • If you find yourself on a sidehill with a lot of strain on the very edge of your skis, it typically helps to loosen up and “roll” your ankles so that you’ve got more pores and skin in contact with the snow surface.
  • It also feels pure to put extra weight in your poles because the terrain will get steeper, but this reduces the power of your skins to grip the snow.
  • Pretty positive the NSAA “survey” is not a random sampling of individuals on the slopes, however is based on answers providing by ski resorts.

By bending with the ski, they can provide larger management. I love big dumps – Expression meant to indicate one’s ardour for powder days and large snowfall occasions. Freeride – 1) Style of snowboarding that takes place on natural, ungroomed terrain in the backcountry or sidecountry. 2) Style of snowboard that is stiff and designed for fast, responsive using.


DIN settings – Measure on bindings that signifies the torque required to release the skier’s boot throughout a fall. At higher settings, extra pressure is required to release the boot. Daffy – An aerial stunt during which a skier thrusts one ski ahead and the other ski backward whereas they are airborne. Counter-rotation – Skiing technique by which one’s upper physique is pointing a special course than the decrease physique. Hip rotation, for example, allows the upper physique to remain pointed down the autumn line as the legs make quick-radius turns.