10 Great Reasons To Go Skiing This Winter


In an outtake from “Lines”, a documentary about huge-mountain snowboarding in Alaska, Mike Renquet, a legend of the game, presents the next thought experiment. Imagine a caveman requested to choose the way to get down a snowy mountain. Would he strap on two separate wooden slats and lean ahead?

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Black diamond – Symbol for slopes of skilled problem at U.S. ski resorts. Base – 1) A measure of the depth of snow, usually reported by ski resorts. three) The cluster of amenities at the bottom of a ski resort. Backscratcher – An aerial trick in which a skier drops the tips and lifts the backs of their skis, generally to the purpose of touching their back.

Aprés ski – French for “after ski,” this phrase describes the food, drink, and different social actions that occur after a day of skiing (or snowboarding). Alpine touring – Abbreviated AT, alpine touring is a form of snowboarding during which athletes are in a position to travel uphill using skins attached to the bottom of their skis and bindings that allow their heels to raise. Snowboarding, against this, was born not of a utilitarian want to get round, however of unadulterated hedonism. And all issues considered, it seems the extra natural method to get down a slope.

More widespread at Eastern and Midwestern resorts than Western ski areas. Cold-induced rhinorrhea – Condition which will afflict skiers and snowboarders in which the nasal cavity will get crammed with a significant amount of mucus, resulting in snotsicles. Chowder – Powder that’s been chopped up by the tracks of skiers and snowboarders.

  • Swedish writer Olaus Magnus’s 1555 A Description of the Northern Peoples describes skiers and their climbing skins in Scricfinnia in what’s now Norway.
  • The Spirit of Skiing Lives on in Colorado, Even Throughout the SummerWhen the lifts stop spinning and the snowpack melts away, most skiers grasp up the sticks for the season.
  • The pace and distance that ski troops are capable of cowl is corresponding to that of sunshine cavalry.
  • The garrison in Trondheim used skis a minimum of from 1675, and the Danish-Norwegian army included specialised snowboarding battalions from 1747 – details of military ski workouts from 1767 are retained.

Hot dog – A skier or snowboarder who shows off, particularly their aerial strikes or prowess in moguls. Before there was freestyle snowboarding, there was sizzling dog snowboarding. Geschmozzle – Race type by which skiers and snowboarders begin together, corresponding to skier-cross and boardercross. Death cookies – Small frozen chunks on a piste, often attributable to snowmaking and grooming operations.

Butt-dragger – A novice snowboarder who has fallen and is sliding down the slope on their behind, scraping powder away to the chagrin of skiers. Bumps – Synonym for moguls, the mounds of snow fashioned by repeated turns of skiers/snowboarders (or built artificially). Bomber – A skier or snowboarder who is bombing down the slopes, touring quick, usually in a straight line, and maybe recklessly. Blue sq. – Symbol for slopes of intermediate difficulty at U.S. ski resorts.

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Catwalk – Synonym for cat tracks, the comparatively flat paths by way of ski areas that are utilized by snowcats, skiers, and snowboarders. Buttering – Smearing skis alongside the snow in a trend just like buttering a bit of bread. Common approach for powder snowboarding with fats, rockered skis.